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Heavy forwarder redundancy and HA



My client needs High Availability in the heavy forwarders.

They are collecting events from devices on a datacenter and sending to the indexer in another datacenter.
Those events are sent through a Heavy Forwarder. So they need that HF to have HA.

Is there a way to ceate a cluster of the Heavy forwarders so in case one is down, the other starts getting the events and sending them to the indexer?

If not, how can we achieve HA in this architecture?

Thank you very much


Hi noybin,
to have HA on Heavy forwarders you have to use at least two HFs, then you have to configure your Universal Forwarders (if present) in auto load balancing addressing both the HFs.

If you have syslog traffic, you have to use in addition a load balancer between appliances and HFs to be sure that syslog traffic is distributed to both the HFs in normal working and to the running one in fault situation.


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