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Have date separated logs from single host sent with universal forwarder and indexed as single host?

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I am sending all of my logs to syslog-ng and then forwarding to Splunk with the universal forwarder. Everything is working great but right now I have each host/device logging to a single file. If i wanted to have a separate log file for each day or month or whatever per host/device using file("/var/log/$HOST/$YEAR/$MONTH/$DAY/ where a new log file for the host is created each day, how would I be able to have the universal forwarder have all of these files sent to the indexer and have them all under the same host in the indexer?

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Splunk Employee

First, be aware that the syslog sourcetype is special, it includes an automatic extraction of the host from the event. (see the $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/default/props.conf
So you create an another sourcetype, based on syslog without this host extraction transform.

Second, to extract the host from the path, use the parameter host_segment, see

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