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Has anyone used Chocolatey/NuGet to install the Splunk forwarder?

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We are moving towards using Chocolatey for all our server configuration (after Chef sets up base software), but when I look at the Chocolatey package list, I only see a package for Splunk Enterprise (and it is version 5.0.3, from 7/24/2013).

Has anyone used Chocolatey to install splunk? If not, what do you use automate deployment of a forwarder?


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I can't say I've used Chocolatey/NuGet. However, we're a Chef shop, so we've been working on our own cerner_splunk Chef cookbook for installing and configuring both Splunk servers and forwarders (and this way we give the people sending data into Splunk more control). There are a few other Chef cookbooks for Splunk out there, one by bestbuy and one by Chef Software, all of which, including ours, have certain opinions on certain things.

Other management strategies I've heard that the Splunk Cloud team uses Chef to install the (Splunk Server) packages, and Ansible to handle configuration management.

Also once you have the forwarder installed of course, you could use the deployment server to manage configuration as well.

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