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Hard limit on whitelist for deployment server



Is there a hard limit on the number of servers you can have per whitelist class
Seems I cant add more then ten, does that sound right ???

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Question bump ... "Is there a hard limit on the number of servers you can have per whitelist class?"

We are looking at needing a whitelist of over 2000... (don't ask why ... cause a sane man to go crazy). Will this even work or will deployment server performance just go into the tank?


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I have never seen a whitelist of this size. I don't think it will work. However, would it be possible to create some DNS entries to name classes of servers (assigned to a number of ip addresses) (assigned to a different set of ip addresses)


and then use the DNS names in your whitelist? (I haven't tried this either, so I suggest a small test first.)

Another possibility is to have a fan-out of deployment servers - although this may be as big a headache as a whitelist of over 2000...

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the web interface allows you to add entries beyond 10 (whitelist.9) but they do not show up in the serverclass.conf file. I do not know if this is a limit or a bug in the webUI - it seems to me the webUI should remove the "add" button when you hit the limit if this is the case.

Source: my experience under 5.0.3

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I think the naming goes whitelist.0 whitelist.1 ... whitelist.9 whitelist.a whitelist.b ... whitelist.z

But I can't find anything in the manuals that confirms that. Try it and see.

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Is this still applicable in 6.x? Looking to manage deployment clients and will need to support several thousand on each DS.

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