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HTTPEventCollector cannot create token due to sslVersion configuration


I'm trying to create a token in the HttpEventCollector input and I get the error: "A token cannot have individual configuration for sslVersions".

I am required to only allow splunk to use tls1.1 or tls1.2 for ssl. Therefore, I have the settings below. Is there a way a way around this?







The token I'm trying to create has these values:

Input Type: Token
Name:  accm
source name override:  N/a
Description:  N/A
Enable indexer acknowledgements:  yes
output group:  N/A
Allowed indexes:  accm_idx
source type:  accm-json

Path Finder


Please remove sslVersion=tls1.1,tls1.2 from [default] section of your inputs.conf file and instead put it under [SSL] section of your inputs.conf file followed by a Splunk service restart.



The issue exists because when you put sslVersion under [default] stanza of your inputs.conf file, it gets copied into each HTTP Event Collector Token stanza ( http://<INPUT-NAME>; ). This should not be happening and is most likely a bug. When specifying sslVersion under [default] stanza of your inputs.conf, the intended/desired behavior should be the same as when specifying sslVersion under the [http] stanza of your inputs.conf file.

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