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[Fowarder] In AIX 6.1 enviroment, Is it have a problem forwading universal forwarder?

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Hi, Good Day 😄 Guys,
I have a Question about Splunk Enviroment.

Unix OS AIX 6.1 Server in Vmware Environment

CentOS 6.2 in Vmware Environment, Splunk 5.0.1

The Question is.
1. Is it have a problem installing universal forwarder in AIX 6.1?
2. Is it have a problem forwading to universal forwarder in AIX 6.1?
3. Is it have a problem Operating universal forwarder in AIX 6.1?

I look forward to your best answer asap!
Thank you^^

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AIX 6.1 is listed as a supported platform for the universal forwarder. Splunk supplies the universal forwarder as a .tgz tarball file. You can unpack this to install it, configure it, and then start it.

We run several Splunk universal forwarders on AIX versions 5.3 and 6.1 without any major issues. Our indexers run on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

There is no limit/restriction on which OS/Architecture of forwarder can talk to which OS/Architecture of indexer. As long as the version of forwarder and the version of indexer are compatible, you have your choice of hardware/OS platforms. That is, an AIX forwarder works with a Linux indexer just as well as it does a MacOS indexer or a Windows indexer.

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Excuse me that, Could you give me more detail solution by email?
About 1. Detailed setting Procedure Document
2. Operating Reference Document
my email is
Again, Thanks to your command!:D

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First step, always read the documentation;

Otherwise, others may post their experiences or you might be safer contacting support

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