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I'm working on a project in which we want specific router syslog events logged in splunk. Currently we're only interested in a couple of specific events which don't happen often. As far as I know from my reading there is no easy way to simply have our routers just log these specific events, so we have to do the filtering in some other way.

If we simply just dump all of the events into splunk it would make things very easy, we can just query the data for these specific events, but the problem is that we have so many routers that this data would quickly fill up our space, and would include 99.9% of the events we don't currently care about.

I need a way to filter the 0.1% of events we ARE looking for, and delete what is not needed in order to save space.

Would the best way to do this be to setup a syslog-NG server, have that server do the collecting and filtering and then forward the final product over to our splunk installation?

OR is there some way to have splunk collect all of the data, but then filter out and delete the data we don't care about? If it can be done in splunk (our prefered method), can someone point me to some documentaiton or more information?

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Hi barne_dn

you can filter unwanted events in Splunk and route them into the null queue, read more here in the docs



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