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FSCHANGE recurse issue



I want to watch .so .bin files in the /etc/security and its subfolders.

I applied a whitelist filter and a blacklist filter:

regex1 = ($|.+.bin$)
regex1 = .*

Paramètres du File System Change Monitor pour le dossier /etc

recurse = true
filters = whitelistf,blacklistf

Result : i can see the .so and .bin on /etc/security and not in the subfolders.

I guess that fschange apply the filters on the subfolders name too.
I tried to write some regex to include some subfolders but i dont get the waited result.

example of tried regex :

regex1 = ^/etc/security/*/($|.+.bin)$

regex1 = ^/etc/security/.../($|.+.bin)$

regex1 = ^/etc/security/($|.+.bin)$

Any idea is welcome,

Thanks in advance,


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Re: FSCHANGE recurse issue

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I believe you need to make the change in the source, not the regex:


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Re: FSCHANGE recurse issue


Thanks for your reply lukejadamec, i tried on Splunk Enterprise 6 but it doesn't work: No file added.

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