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Hi All,

I want to extract email  from json event in splunk.

Query I am using is :



index=*sec sourcetype=test
| eval tags_json=spath(_raw, "Tag{}"), final_tag_json=json_object()
| foreach mode=multivalue tags_json [ | eval final_tag_json=json_set(final_tag_json, spath('<<ITEM>>', "Key"), spath('<<ITEM>>', "Value"))]
| spath input=final_tag_json
| rex field=Email "(?<email>^\$)"



Raw data :



"Tag": [{"Key": "app", "Value": “test”_value}, {"Key": "key1", "Value": "value1"}, {"Key": "key2", "Value": "value2"},  {"Key": “email”, "Value": “}],



I want email to be mapped to contact when indexed. How can I achieve this ? Please help me


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Hi @Poojitha following the example from the documentation on spath 

Here is a runanywhere example:

| makeresults
| eval _raw="{
\"Tag\": [
    {\"Key\": \"app\", \"Value\": \"test_value\"}, 
    {\"Key\": \"key1\", \"Value\": \"value1\"}, 
    {\"Key\": \"key2\", \"Value\": \"value2\"},  
    {\"Key\": \"email\", \"Value\": \"\"},
| spath
| rename Tag{}.Key as key, Tag{}.Value as value
| eval x=mvzip(key,value)
| mvexpand x
| eval x=split(x,",")
| eval key=mvindex(x,0)
| eval value=mvindex(x,1)
| table _time key value


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