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Extract timestamp in Epoch (microseconds) to date

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Hi, I need Splunk to recognize the timestamps down to microseconds.

A sample event is listed below:


Splunk 4.1.8 automatically(without any extra configuration) recognizes the epoch time down to the milliseconds. But I need the timestamp to be extracted to the microseconds.

I have tried using props.conf with the following configuration:


But didn’t work.

Any suggestion?


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I think this is a display formatting thing more than anything else. I took your config and sample data and loaded it up. When I search on it, I do only see the time out to 3 decimals. I did a slightly different search, however, and found that Splunk is storing all 6 decimals, just truncating at display time.

sourcetype=test | eval foo=_time | table _time, foo

If you run this search, you'll see the the results formatted as

5/11/11 1:51:16.192 AM  1305096676.192356

Which suggests that the time is being extracted/stored with full 6-decimal accuracy, but only being displayed with 3. I don't know the explanation for this behavior or if it can be changed - but it would be a good follow on question.