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Extract epoch and tai64 time from imported event



Do you have any idea to decode Epoch time and Tai64 encoded time?

I have several device their time is as below..

completely have no idea on Tai64. for Epoch, I tried to put following in props.conf


but do not work .

Time is Tai64

@400000004de5bcd921686bec tcpserver: status: 0/40
@400000004de5bcd921686034 tcpserver: end 10611 status 256
@400000004de5bcd91d08caec tcpserver: ok 10611 0: :
@400000004de5bcd91d08c704 tcpserver: pid 10611 from

Time is Epoch

1303380720.401    399 TCP_MISS/000 3437 GET mail:a@b.c - DIRECT/ multipart/alternative DETECT-STAT:SPAM:FSIGK/SPAM_CT/4/0/str%3d0001.0A3D0009.4DB002F2.0054%2css%3d4%2cfgs%3d0:::: ACTION:CHANGE_SUBJECT: PROXY-STAT:smtp:0:3392: PROTOCOL-STAT:a@b.c:<SNT115-W4378F7332227898850E657AE920@phx.gbl>: PROXY-ERROR::

1303365337.779    410 TCP_MISS/000 3313 GET mail:a@b.c - DIRECT/ multipart/alternative DETECT-STAT:SPAM:FSIGK/SPAM_CT/3/0/str%3d0001.0A3D0009.4DAFC6DB.0037%2css%3d3%2cfgs%3d0:::: ACTION:CHANGE_SUBJECT: PROXY-STAT:smtp:1:3393: PROTOCOL-STAT:a@b.c:<>: PROXY-ERROR::

1303365336.935    404 TCP_MISS/000 3308 GET mail:a@b.c - DIRECT/ multipart/alternative DETECT-STAT:SPAM:FSIGK/SPAM_CT/3/0/str%3d0001.0A3D0009.4DAFC6DA.0054%2css%3d3%2cfgs%3d0:::: ACTION:CHANGE_SUBJECT: PROXY-STAT:smtp:0:3392: PROTOCOL-STAT:a@b.c:<>: PROXY-ERROR::
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You cannot tell Splunk the TIME_FORMAT for Tai64 but if you tell Splunk TIME_PREFIX and MAX_TIMESTAMP_LOOKAHEAD, it will get it automatically correct (except for sub-seconds) and it should work for both epoch and Tai64:

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