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Exchange Active Sync overview issues since applying RU6 to Exchange

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The Exchange Server application we use, up until last weekend, was reporting data that appears to be an accurate reflection of our environment. We've been using the Active Sync overview to monitor issues related to the iOS 6.1 issue. Over the weekend, the AS overview appears to have been rendered useless. While we typically have ~800 iPhone and ~300 iPad users (amoung others) shown in the 'Top Device' field over a 4 hour period during the business day, we now only show a couple of each. The only change to the environment was that we updated our Exchange servers from Sp1 RU3 to RU6. Any other reports of issues with RU6 and this dashboard view?

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Splunk Employee

This is the first I have heard of it. Active Sync information is logged in the IIS logs, so please ensure that the IIS logs have the information first. If they don't, then you will need to fix the data source first. Also, check that the format of the logs have not changed. You can get the expected format by comparing the first ten lines of an IIS log file (one of them will list the fields) with the entry in the transforms.conf file.

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