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Event filtering not working


I'm trying to follow the instructions from the "Route and filter data" section of the documentation. The server in question is Windows 2003 and it is using WMI to pull events from two Windows 2008 servers. The goal is to only capture account lockout events (event id: 644 on 2003 and event id: 4047 on 2008).

I followed the instructions, but it's causing all events to get dropped. If I remove the props.conf and transforms.conf, it pulls events just fine. Here are the config files:


disabled = 1

disabled = 0

disabled = 1

disabled = 0


DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

REGEX = (?m)^EventCode=(4740)\b
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = indexQueue

REGEX = (?m)^EventCode=(644)\b
DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = indexQueue


TRANSFORMS-null = 2008lockouts,setnull  (note, I also tried it with TRANSFORMS-wmi)

TRANSFORMS-null = 2003lockouts,setnull


max_backoff = 300
heartbeat_interval = 500
max_retries_at_max_backoff = 50
result_queue_size = 1000
initial_backoff = 30
checkpoint_sync_interval = 2

disabled = 0
event_log_file = security
interval = 10
server = server1, server2

What am I doing wrong here?



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What happens if you reverse the order in the transform line?

TRANSFORMS-null = setnull, 2008lockouts

TRANSFORMS-null = setnull, 2003lockouts

The order in transforms.conf shouldn't matter, but the order in the actual TRANSFORM= line of props.conf may be significant. I think in your original version, setnull will match after 200Xlockouts, so it will first set the queue to indexQueue, but then change it back to nullQueue when your single-dot regex matches.

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Yes, the order does matter. Each individual transformer listed will be executed in the order given. (If you have multiple transforms-<class> entries, then they will be in evaluated in ASCII sort order, FYI)