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Escaping backslashes for Windows paths in props.conf

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In my props.conf I need a [source::] stanza to override some settings from a [sourcetype] stanza. The source is a file on a Windows server, so I take a look at the props.conf documentation, and follow these instructions:

When you specify Windows-based file paths as part of a [source::<source>] stanza, you must escape any backslashes contained within the specified file path.
Example: [source::c:\\path_to\\file.txt]

But that seems to be flat out wrong. If I use this:


it doesn't match. Change it to:


and it matches.
Am I missing something obvious, or is the documentation just wrong?

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As far as I remember, you don't have to escape any paths as long as they don't contain spaces. You can scroll to the end of the docs page and use the "provide feedback" form. The docs team should reply to you in a few days. 🙂


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Yeah, the doc team was really responsive when I reached out once before. I just wanted to make sure it's actually an error and not just a case of Idiot User.

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