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Error trying to add csv

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I'm trying to upload a csv file via the Upload button and when I do I get the following error "'module' object has no attribute 'makeSplunkdUri'". I've tried on several different csv files and all the same error. On version 6.2.0. Any ideas?

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Sounds like you might have a permissions issue or some missing files on your Splunk box.

Check here and see if your files are complete.

If not, the solution is to fix pemissions (examples --Right click in windows or sudo chown -R splunk:splunk /opt/splunk/)

And then reinstall (or upgrade to 7.0.1)

On a side note.. For kicking files into my test stand-alone 500mb splunk I just setup a folder on my workstation called dump, and then added this to my local splunk forwarder inputs.conf file. Then on my Windows workstation I can just drag files into c:\dump and the forwarder just grabs it for me.

disabled = 0
followTail = 0
ignoreOlderThan = 10d
index = main
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