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Error Connecting to HTTP Event Collector

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I sign up for splunk free cloud trial instance and created the HTTP Event Collector as per link here

Link -

When I try to call following HEC curl from postman, I am unable to connect and do not get any response

curl -k https://:8088/services/collector -H 'Authorization: Splunk ' -d '{"sourcetype": "mysourcetype", "event":"Hello, World!"}'

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Once you create your Splunk instance, here is the curl command I used that works. I'm assuming that this is your localhost.

curl -k http://localhost:8088/services/collector -H "Authorization:Splunk ENTER YOUR TOKEN VALUE" -d '{"sourcetype": "mysourcetype", "event":"Hello, World!"}'

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your curl command must contain the hostname or IP address
curl -k https://yourhostname:8088/services/collector ...

or perhaps you can try below curl command:
curl -k -u "userID:TOKEN" "https://your_server_name:8088/services/collector/event" -d '{"event": "Hello, world!"}'
if works well you would see below response

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also I believe the path is a bit different for splunk cloud:

When creating requests to Splunk Cloud, you must add a prefix to the URI of the hostname according to your subscription. For self-service Splunk Cloud plans, pre-pend the hostname with input-. For all other Splunk Cloud plans, pre-pend the hostname with http-inputs-. In the previous example, the cURL statement would look like the following for self-service Splunk Cloud instances:
curl -k https://input-:8088/services/collector -H 'Authorization: Splunk ' -d '{"event":"Hello, World!"}'

And for all other Splunk Cloud instances:
curl -k https://http-inputs-:8088/services/collector -H 'Authorization: Splunk ' -d '{"event":"Hello, World!"}'

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