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Using the Unix App, monitoring Radius log files. /var/log/radius/radius.log Current log file gets renamed and gzipped. Splunk is indexing radius.log but also indexing radius.log-20101105 and radius.log-20101105.gz.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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That worked but only for the radius.log file. Modified the blacklist value to include a more generic form that also covered other log files in /var/log/ with the same naming convention (filename.log-<somedate>[.gz|.bz2])


Used the command 'splunk list monitor | grep filename' to confirm the dated files were no longer being monitored, which seems to be the best way to test that the syntax is correct. Thanks for the help!

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Try blacklisting the rolled/gzipped logs:


disabled = 0
_blacklist = (lastlog|radius\.log.+)
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