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DropDown on the dashboard, to be populated from a .csv file



I want to add a dropdown on to a dashboard, on selection of a values from the dropdowns which can dynamically change.
Is it possible to add dropdown on the view using AdvancedXML.?
ALso, can i populate the dropdown with values from a .csv file?

Any suggestions would be helpful.


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1) yes, you can do this in Advanced XML using a SearchSelectLister module in a View that uses a Splunk search to derive its values.

2) yes, you could populate the dropdown using a search that utilizes the inputlookup search command to return the contents of the CSV lookup file as search results.


Have a look at the app "UI examples", it has stuff like this.

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Thanks for that!

Wat i want to build is a dashboard for some users.
i want the UserNames to be on the dropdowns and wen u select a particular username, the dashboards should change.

Is this possible!?
And do you have any links to a demo?

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