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Does the UF use props.conf and/or transforms.conf or not?


If I am reading correctly, the UF does not support props.conf and transforms.conf. Yet the RPM includes the props files, which I find extremely confusing. What's the correct story? Is props.conf useful without transforms.conf? Which, if either, actually works with the UF?

$ rpm -qa | grep splunk

$ rpm -ql splunkforwarder| egrep 'props|transforms' | sort

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You have misread. The UF does "support" props.conf. However, most settings in that file are irrelevant on a universal forwarder:

Additionally, there are many settings in props.conf that do not reference transforms.conf. In fact, only REPORT, TRANSFORM, and LOOKUP do.


Thank you for clarifying!

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