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I have a situation.
I have defined the source type under Deployment server- deployment app>local>prop.conf> as


Also created under deployment app>local> tranforms.conf which includes:

DEST_KEY = queue
FORMAT = nullQueue

As explained link:

I want to discard the source type for the time being because data is not required for now but might req in future. Created a corresponding stanza in transforms.conf. Set DEST_KEY to "queue" and FORMAT to "nullQueue":
Problem: I am still getting data from that source type. Can you suggest to resolve this?


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Do you mean source when you say sourcetype?
Did you restart after making those changes?
Also, they will only affect newly indexed data, all your old data will still persist in your index

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Can anyone suggest to my above query please?

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No It is source type named engine(in my case) and I have restarted the DS. Do I need to restart the forwarder as well? I dont mind with the existing data just want to ignore for future. I have also tried to comment out like:



TRANSFORMS-null= setnull

Just to check if it discard the data but still showing the indexed data.
Any suggestion?

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