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Disable AutoLB in Splunk UniversalForwarder

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I have a setup similar to the example shown in this page, we noticed that the firewalls showing systematic tcp session breakdown/rebuild.    So it looks like the the default setting of autoLBFrequency=30 is in use.

Further it looks like in the newer versions of the Splunk UF which we are on have deprecated the disabling LB functionality.

Can I set this setting to 86400 or something like that so that it doesn't break and recreate connections all the time?  Are there any pitfalls with this approach?  Are there any other hacks that will allow me to disable LB which makes no sense if a group has just 1 IDX in it?





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hi @govardha 

I don't understand very well your question, anyway the configuration you shared on your message is not for the load balancing but for clonining the data across the 2 indexers

to use the load balancing check this configuration



anyway if your want cloning the data without the load-balancing your configuration works well.

or another option you can configure cluster replication across the 2 indexers and send the data to only 1, but doesn't make sense

I hope this is useful for you

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Hello @aasabatini 

Thank you for your response.  I just wanted to show you my configs and how the UF is behaving.  

I don't want to introduce a clustered set up, I have a distributed set up with 1 SHD + 1 IDX in 2 disparate data centers.  Our Splunk needs are quite simplistic, and this set up worked out best for my firm from a cost & maintenance perspective.

Although the UF just knows to hit the 2 IDX'ers it behaves as it is if load balancing that one indexer every 30 seconds.  

I hope that makes sense.  Looking forward to your response.


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