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We have about 10 indexers setup in our distributed search. Not sure if this matters.

where do I go to determine the rention time on an index? I am trying to ensure we are keeping at least 90 days on a few of them.

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If you have a search head that searches all the indexers, you can run this search, which should give you the information;

| rest /services/admin/indexes | eval yr = floor(frozenTimePeriodInSecs/86400/365)| eval dy = (frozenTimePeriodInSecs/86400) % 365 | eval ret = yr . " years, " . dy . " days" | stats list(splunk_server) list(frozenTimePeriodInSecs) list(ret) by title


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You'll want to check the frozenTimePeriodInSecs and maxTotalDataSizeMB attributes in indexes.conf.

frozenTimePeriodInSecs sets the time in seconds for how long the cold buckets will stay around before they are deleted or archived (frozen).

maxTotalDataSizeMB sets the max size of the index before buckets are deleted or archived (frozen).

These can be set as both a global attribute and as a per index attribute. See the documentation for your Splunk version at:

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