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Defining custom sourcetype based on log file path

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We have a forwarder/receiver topology configured here. Each of the 200 or so servers have a light forwarder their info to the main indexer/receiver.

My challenge is that many of these machines are generating a custom source type.

We are currently defining the custom source types in a .conf file at the forwarding machine. unfortunately, this creates somewhat of a management problem given the number of machines.

is there way to define custom source types in .conf at the Receiver/Indexer?

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Are you using Splunk's deployment server to manage forwarder configurations? That should be the best way to solve the issue.

Otherwise, you could use props/transforms stanzas to override the sourcetype assignment at runtime. You could run a regex on the "source" field and assign a predefined sourcetype if the event matches the regex. You can find lots of details here:

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