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Databricks to Splunk (Error to load up job results from Databricks to Splunk)

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Hi Guys , 


I have a query running in this job ID on databricks:



And , everytime when I try to transport these 5 rows from Databricks into Splunk running in this job 18363943 , it only returns just 1 one row at all:

SPL to transport data from Databricks:

| databricksjob job_id="18363943"
| eval event_name = "Fraude - risco na selfie", severity="High", source = "DataBricks", jira_update_comment = " "
| table-result  event_name , severity, consumer_id,biometric_origin,score, source, jira_update_comment

Results with only one row:

image (2).png

Could you guys help me with this solution or show me where I'm making mistakes writting the code?

I need a script that returns these 5 rows.

Thanks for advance.

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