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I would like to ask for help in this case:

I have this message in internal log on my Splunk:

Accepted time format has changed ((?i)(?<![\w\.])(?i)(?i)(0?[1-9]|[12]\d|3[01])(?:st|nd|rd|th|[,\.;])?([\- /]) {0,2}(?i)(?:(?i)(?<![\d\w])(jan|\x{3127}\x{6708}|feb|\x{4E8C}\x{6708}|mar|\x{4E09}\x{6708}|apr|\x{56DB}\x{6708}|may|\x{4E94}\x{6708}|jun|\x{516D}\x{6708}|jul|\x{4E03}\x{6708}|aug|\x{516B}\x{6708}|sep|\x{4E5D}\x{6708}|oct|\x{5341}\x{6708}|nov|\x{5341}\x{3127}\x{6708}|dec|\x{5341}\x{4E8C}\x{6708})[a-z,\.;]*|(?i)(0?[1-9]|1[012])(?!:))\2 {0,2}(?i)(20\d\d|19\d\d|[9012]\d(?!\d))(?![\w\.])), possibly indicating a problem in extracting timestamps. Context: source=http:linux_rh||linux_secure|

It is very rare, only 6 messages per 24hours for sourcetype, where milions of messages per 24 hours are received.

Could you please someone tell me what this message means and what to do to correct this error? Or how to find events, which are cause for this message? I tried to make some googling, but I did not find any useful... Thank you very much for help.

Best regards


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@lukasmecir : Can you please update if you were able to determine a fix for this? I'm seeing the same issue. Thanks.

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