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Data flow/input question - see data being received but does not appear indexed


So I see data coming in:

04-13-2021 17:32:25.470 -0400 INFO StatusMgr - destPort=9997, eventType=connect_done, group=tcpin_connections, sourceHost=*.*.153.70, sourceIp=*.*.153.70, sourcePort=39820, statusee=TcpInputProcessor
But I can't find where this data is going.  I have the source info and have searched all indexes on the above IPs as well as keywords/fields from the source but can't find it.  Where does it go next?  How can I tell if the indexer is generating errors or rejecting it?

This data is being sent directly to my indexer cluster from a remote CRIBL source.  The data is text (comma delimited).
Where does the data go next?
Also, if I want to configure the IP do I configure a source in the cluster master under master apps and push it out:
or do I have to do this in /system/local/inputs.conf on each indexer? 
or do I have to forward to a HF first.

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