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Data Ingestion into Phantom


How do i ingest data into Splunk Phantom ?

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Phantom has some EDR/firewall apps that can help in polling data from the EDR/firewall sources. If it is not present, you can use API to ingest data into phantom.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

To add on to this, any App in phantom that has as "on-poll" action can be configured for data ingestion on the associated type.

We also allow you to write your own apps if they aren't available out of the box.

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Do you want to ingest data from a Splunk instance?

Check out the Splunk App for Phantom:

Under details, you will find a link to the documentation. It includes the chapter "Event Forwarding".

When you install this app, you will get new Phantom-related trigger actions like "Run Playbook in Phantom". This way, when a Splunk alert gets triggered, it will send the events to Phantom and run a specified playbook.

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I want to ingest data from other sources like a firewall or an EDR solution , is there is way to directly add data sources?

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