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Hi all,

I have problem getting Splunk to connect to MongoDB. Below are what i have done so far:

1. Download the driver from and copy it to drivers folder of dbconnect app

2. copy db_connection_types.conf from default to local folder, and add following line

displayName= MongoDB
jdbcDriverClass = mongodb.jdbc.MongoDriver
serviceClass = com.splunk.dbx2.DefaultDBX2JDBC
jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:mongo://<host>:<port>/<database>
#jdbcUrlSSLFormat = jdbc:mongo://<host>:<port>/<database>
useConnectionPool = false
port = 27017
testQuery = SELECT 1

displayName= MongoDB2
serviceClass = com.splunk.dbx2.DefaultDBX2JDBC
jdbcUrlFormat = jdbc:mongodb://<host>:<port>/<database>
#jdbcUrlSSLFormat = jdbc:mongodb://<host>:<port>/<database>
jdbcDriverClass = mongodb.jdbc.MongoDriver
port = 27017

3. Create identity for the connection. This account has readWrite permission on the database and tested working.

4. Restart Splunk. I can see driver can be detected for both MongoDB connection types

5. Create connection that use either MongoDB or MongoDB2. Both failed

Error for MongoDB:

not authorized for query on Test._schema

Error for MongoDB2:

No suitable driver found for jdbc:mongodb://


Anyone know what's wrong here? Thanks

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