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DATETIME field error


I am using the DB Connect app to connect to a MYSQL database and input the data from a table.

the datetime fields in the MySQL data like "2013-09-24 21:31:13" appear as "1385819882.000" in Splunk.

How could I change this?

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Take a look at the following answer and see if it is not applicable for you as well ?

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Any fix for this? The DB Connect documentation says here that it natively handles the DATETIME format properly, but that's not the case from what we're seeing. Instead of displaying in the normal YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format that it's stored in, it's displaying as the "epoch" format shown above. The old MySQL Connector displayed them fine. Also, as Ayn noted above, Splunk Web DOES NOT render a readable version. Splunk Web results show the identical epoch format for results.

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original data is "2013-12-09 15:38:38",but it looks "1386571823.000" in the SPLUNK.
the original data field type is DATETIME.

I want to change it looks like the original data.

What should I do?

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What is your desired fix? That the raw data says "2013-09-24 21:31:13" instead of "1385819882.000"? The timestamp is still valid and you can see a human readable version of it in splunkweb etc anyway...

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