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Custom search command Values for these required options are missing: ...


I need to pass to my python custom search command two values: and y.

I found some examples where it's shown this:



x = Option(require=True, validate=validators.Fieldname())
y = Option(require=True, validate=validators.Fieldname())




Now I simply run my script by simply entering my_script x=50, y=25

Unfortunately I get this errors:

Illegal value: x=50
Illegal value: y=25
Values for these required options are missing: x, y


I cannot find neither the problem nor anyone who is facing this problem.

The code I copied from is an example taken from this url: Create a custom Splunk search commands with Python3 | HoldMyBeer (


Thank you in advance! 

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

I am not an expert on this, but it seems like the way you have it implemented, the code will check if the values for x and y are field names, when you likely want to validate that they are integers.

Can you try changing to this and see if that helps:

x = Option(require=True, validate=validators.Integer())
y = Option(require=True, validate=validators.Integer())

If it does, specifying my_script x="abc" y="def" should throw an error.

As you currently have it, validation would support my_script x=some_event_field  y=some_other_event_field

At least that's my understanding on how it works. You can find a list of all implemented validators here. 

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