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Create an alert based on CPU being at X% for a span of X minutes


Hi Everyone!
I have researched this issue and found a few solutions, though not completely. I followed this link:

and wanted to know if I can use "%_Processor_Time" instead of CPUPct as I am not able to extract "CPUPct" field.

Also, I followed this link:

here, I wanted to understand what does "instance=Total" mean?

Also, which one of the accepted answers is better to use? The queries I used are as follows:
SPL 1:

index="perfmoncpu" | bin _time span=1m

| stats max(%_Processor_Time) as PercentProcessorTime by host _time
| eval PercentProcessorTime = round(PercentProcessorTime, 2)
| eval overload = if(PercentProcessorTime >= 90, 1, 0)
|streamstats current=f last(overload) as prevload by host
|eval newgroup=case(isnull(prevload),1, prevload!=overload,1, true(),0)
|streamstats sum(newgroup) as groupno by host
|eventstats count as LoadDuration by host groupno
| where overload = 1 and LoadDuration >= 10
| table host _time PercentProcessorTime LoadDuration

SPL 2:

index="perfmoncpu" source="PerfmonMk:CPU" instance=_Total
| sort 0 _time
| streamstats time_window=15min avg(cpu_load_percent) as last15min_load count by host
| eval last15min_load = if (count < 90,null,round(last15min_load, 2))
| where (last15min_load) >= 90
| table host, cpu_load_percent, last15min_load

I have used count<90 as the above SPL generates a count of 90 mins throughout

Please let me know if you guys have any further questions.

Thank You!

PS: I am a newbie trying to learn splunk!

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instance=_Total is instance field has _Total string(value).

%_Processor_Time can be used by field name.

try both and check job inspector.

If you provide sample logs, we can make query.

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Hi @to4kawa ,
Thank you for your response. I am using both, however, am not sure what exactly to check in job inspector that will give me the idea that the SPL is correct.

Regarding logs, am trying to find a way to submit them. I will try and add a link to it.

Thank you!

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Shorter elapsed times are better queries.

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