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Correlate data from two sources


We have two separate logs for errors from different programs. I am currently running two separate searches:
source="*bsf0003.stdout" "error"
sample of data:
[12/04/13 14:13:37:150] MessageReference=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX SystemName=CS DistributionChannel=CS QuoteNumber=XXXXXXXX CallingProgram=psfsave Desc="Error Code: 0110, Error Desc: Quote is Locked Out"

source="/u3/logs/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE_PROD/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE/syncqtesvc.log" "transactionstatus=e" MessageCode="" QuoteNumber="" NOT MessageCode="301"
sample data:
2013-12-04 14:22:35,400 [WebSphere_EJB_Timer_Service_WorkManager.Alarm Pool : 0] INFO CLASS=SyncQuoteService, MessageReference=EC00A6F3-E700-72E2-E044-0017A477, SystemName=DRC, Operation=SyncQuoteServiceBatch, QuoteNumber=XXXXXXXX, QuoteEffectiveDate=XXXXXXXXX, QuoteCreationDate=XXXXXXXX, BindIndicator=N, ProcessIndicator=E, TransactionStatus=E, MessageCode=E900, FunctionName=FULLPROCESS, ElapseTime=1306

I need to identify Quote numbers that have errors on BOTH sources, how should I go about doing that?

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I missed the last line in your question. The answer @somesoni2 provided is much better suited to solve your problem.

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Try following

source="*bsf0003.stdout" "error" | stats count by QuoteNumber | fields - count | join QuoteNumber [search source="/u3/logs/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE_PROD/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE/syncqtesvc.log"  "transactionstatus=e" MessageCode=""  QuoteNumber="" NOT MessageCode="301" | stats count by QuotaNumber | fields - count ]

Above will give list of QuotaNumber present in both the queries. Stats are used to get unique values for QuotaNumber from both the search (which is faster than using dedup).

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Assuming your correlationId is QuoteNumber you can do this:

(source="*bsf0003.stdout" "error") OR (source="/u3/logs/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE_PROD/QTE_SVCS2_SYNCQTE/syncqtesvc.log" "transactionstatus=e" MessageCode="" QuoteNumber="" NOT MessageCode="301") | transaction QuoteNumber

This will group all events from both sources with the same QuoteNumber together into transactions. I should note that transactions are intense operations. Try reading up on transactions and look at ways of limiting the time they are open. Use parameters like maxpause, maxspan, and startswith/endswith.

Hope this helps

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