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Converting from multiline field in table of result by stats values() to one line results after geoip... why?

Path Finder

search 1 :
| stats values(src_ip) as web_src_ip, count by dst_ip

search1's results :

web_src_ip dst_ip


search 2 :
| stats values(src_ip) as web_src_ip, count by dst_ip
| geoip dst_ip

search2's results

web_src_ip dst_ip dst_ip_country_name 345.345.345.345 country_name

After applying geoip command, the result of search2 shows in single-line form.
However, what I really wanted to show is to use geoip to result in multi-line form.
So, any suggestion? How can that be done?

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geoip is a python command and I think it can be tricky to get a python command to handle multivalue fields correctly. This might be thus a problem in geoip, but I don't know for sure. At any rate, you can cheat!

use streamstats to paint a row number, use mvexpand to blow out the N x mv fields into N rows of single value fields, wash through geoip, then do stats values by rowIndex to compact it back into your mv form.

| stats values(src_ip) as web_src_ip, count by dst_ip
| streamstats count as rowIndex
| mvexpand web_src_ip
| geoip dst_ip
| stats values(web_src_ip) as web_src_ip values(dst_ip) as dst_ip values(dst_ip_country_name) as dst_ip_country_name by rowIndex

You can strip off the last few pipes and run it pipe by pipe and that'll help you understand how it works.

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