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Conditional execution of transforms based on property of event


Does anyone know of a way to control execution of transforms based on a non-metadata property of an event?

I have a collection of 100+ regular expressions which extract values using strongly typed field names within windows security logs. I don't want Splunk to have to execute 100+ regular expressions against every event. Ideally, I would like to control Splunk behavior such that only certain extraction rules are executed against events having certain patterns (in my case, EventCodes) within the sourcetype. Is there a way to do this?

Here is an example of the sort of logic I would like to be able to apply

REPORT-wineventlogsecuritysubjectextractions1 = if(match(EventCode,(4624|4624),"wineventlogsecuritysubjectextractions1",noop)

REGEX = Subject :\s+Security ID:\s+(.)\s+Account Name:\s+(.)\s+Account Domain:\s+(.)\s+Logon ID:\s+(.)
FORMAT = Subject
SID::$1 SubjectAccountName::$2 SubjectAccountDomain::$3 SubjectLogonID::$4

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Re: Conditional execution of transforms based on property of event

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Did you found any solution on this?

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