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Comparing CSVs day over day in Splunk?



I am reading in a CSV daily into index=main. It will have about 100k items in it. I want an alert for any added, removed file_name. OR an MD5 has changed. I have them brought in as their own event each.

CSV format is easy -
file_name, md5_hash

Looking for a snappy search to compare these files? Any samples or commands or advice?

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Like this:

Your search here that has both data sets | stats dc(md5_hash) AS md5_hash_count count by file_name | search count<2 OR md5_hash_count>1
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How about this?

index="main" sourcetype="csv" earliest=@d latest=+1d@d|join type=left file_name [search index="main" sourcetype="csv" earliest=-1d@d latest=@d|rename md5_hash as old_md5_hash]
|table file_name md5_hash old_md5_hash
|eval status=case(isnull(old_md5_hash),"ADD",md5_hash!=old_md5_hash,"UPDATE",md5_hash=old_md5_hash,"-")
| append [search index="main" sourcetype="csv" earliest=-1d@d latest=@d NOT [search index="main" sourcetype="csv" earliest=@d latest=+1d@d | fields file_name ]|table file_name md5_hash|eval status="DELETE"]

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