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Cisco ironport syslog broken pipe

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I configured Splunk to handle TCP syslog from ironport appliances:

connection_host = dns
index = ironport
source = mailinfra
sourcetype = cisco:esa:textmail
queueSize = 10MB

but there is quite a lot of alerts on ironport side:

Log Error: Subscription mrelay_mail_logs: Network error while sending log data to syslog server ( [Errno 32] Broken pipe

Ironport sends the logs on a VIP which is forwarder to a pool of Splunk Heavy Forwarders.

I'm gonna check if mulitples TCP sessions can be optimized on the loadbalancer but is there any specific Splunk inputs.conf parameter I should check as well? thanks.

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Same problem here ? May I know any solution that I can do ? thanks

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