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Cisco/OpenDNS Umbrella/Investigate: so many apps, so many options ... What is best?

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Here is what is on Splunkbase (maybe others, too):
Umbrella Add-on for Splunk Enterprise: (also on GitHub)
Cisco Umbrella Add-On for Splunk:
Cisco Umbrella Investigate Add-on:
Cisco Cloud Security Umbrella Add-on for Splunk:

There is clearly a great deal of duplication and I am VERY confused about what is what and which to use.
There are at least 2 things to be done:
1: Data Input: Pull in security events.
2: Ad-Hoc Lookup: Enrich Splunk events with threat detail.

I am hoping for 2 kinds of help:
1: A suggestion on which apps to use.
2: Step-by-step details on how to set each up.

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Hey, did you ever set investigate up? 

I have umbrella logs going to our s3 buckit and pulling that data in with the cisco cloud security umbrella addon.

Not really sure if I need to fully setup cisco cloud security app. This is the app found in the github presentation. Thanks.  

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