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Cisco Ironport WSA - summary.vbs on a windows installation is missing?!

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Hi Folks,

i have some trouble with importing historical data to splunk.

From the manual:

Importing and Indexing Historical Data
Before You Begin
•Complete configuration tasks listed in Install and Configure Splunk, page 1-4.
•Verify that field extractions are correct. SeeChapter 3, “Field Extractions”.
•Know the folder structure. See Create the Folder Structure for Log Files, page 1-7.
•(Optional) See (Optional) Estimating the Import Time, page 1-7.
Step 1 Copy the historical log files into the folder structure for log files.
Note By default, these logs will be deleted after the data is indexed.

Step 2From a command prompt run the summary script:
Linux: $SPLUNKHOME/etc/apps/CiscoWSA/bin /
Windows: X:\$SPLUNK

Step 3 Navigate to the Splunk folder and enter the local Splunk administrator credentials when prompted

The point is, this file X:\$SPLUNK_HOME\etc\apps\CiscoWSA\bin\summary.vbs
summary.vbs did not exists on the server, i've searched the complete server.

after that, i downloaded the app manually and extracted the tgz / tar file and manually searched every folder.

otherwise, could someone send me the summary.vbs for my version?

Backround informations:
Splunk 5.0.4 Build 172409 (latest) WINDOWS on W2K8 R2
and Splunk for Cisco Ironport Web Security 2.0
Installpath is:
D:\Program Files\Splunk

Installpath Cisco WSA is:
D:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\Splunk_CiscoIronportWebSecurity

could someone confirm?


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Re: Cisco Ironport WSA - summary.vbs on a windows installation is missing?!

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Of course we have a licence here....

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