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Is there an app or already configured out-of-the-box setup for getting Cisco IOS version numbers for Cisco Routers/Switches/Firewalls on a network? We're currently sending syslog data to Splunk, but that's it.

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Re: Cisco IOS Version


Hi Trevor,

no, there isn't, but this is on the TODO list for the Cisco IOS app.

You will have to get the version numbers via SNMP. You can do this using the SNMP Modular Input app with i.e. something along the following as an input:

#[snmp:// - info]
#disabled = 0
#communitystring = SNMPCOMMUNITY
#destination =
#object_names =
#do_bulk_get = 1
#ipv6 = 0
#listen_traps = 0
#snmp_version = 2C
#split_bulk_output = 1
#snmpinterval = 1200
#interval = 1200
#sourcetype = Cisco:SNMP:Info

This only covers one device. You will have to go through the SNMP OIDs to get the one with the version number in it. Have a look at this blog post by jbennett for details about traversing SNMP values with Splunk

My intention is to automatically create these inputs using the Cisco IOS app for every device, but so far it's on the TODO list.

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Re: Cisco IOS Version



We do this with the Cisco Call Home feature. You can configure splunk to accept the call home xml over a custom port. f.e. tcp 8180. You get serial number, ios version and many other information. The only thing is the missing / or wrong field extractions.

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