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Cannot see host on the Splunk server


I need help on my Splunk server. I cannot see the host the splunk server.
here is what my setup went:

1) install full splunk on server1. Installed *nix app and verified that it is collecting data.

2) install full splunk on server2. Installed *nix app and verified that it is collecting data.

3) configure receiving on splunk server1 to port 9997.

4) Enabled forwarding on server2.

cd /opt/splunk/bin

./splunk start

./splunk enable app SplunkLightForwarder

./splunk restart

./splunk add forward-server :9997

./splunk restart

5) Opened splunk server1 web but did not see server2.

Please advise, I appreciate your help ,thank you.

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In your step above: "./splunk add forward-server :9997", what is the name/address of the receiving host (i.e. server1) that server2 should use? Note: That IP should go before the :9997.

When you run $SPLUNK_HOME/bin/splunk help add, you will see this example in the output:
./splunk add forward-server bologna:9997

In this case, the system bologna is the receiving host.

Set this correctly, and it will probably work.

Also, as a side note, if you are going to use the SplunkLightForwarder, you will probably be better off using the Splunk Universal Forwarder (a different installation package).


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I enabled the Splunk Universal Forwarder but still the splunk server cannot see it. Am I missing some steps?

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Thanks Sean for your immediate response. Actually it was a typographical error.

I did execute this line as:

./splunk add forward-server

I still cannot see the host.

By the way, what is the difference between the light and the universal forwarder.


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