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Can you reload new inputs.conf stanzas on a UF without restarting the Daemon?


I noticed you can reload the inputs stanzas on a forwarder via this API endpoint:


However, does this actually allow you to start placing data in the monitoring directory for it to be read in, or do you still need to restart the forwarder to achieve that?

For context, one of the reasons to use the above API endpoint is to make sure splunk is aware of any new stanzas before grabbing a new list like so:

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

you can reload specific stanza, like the "monitor" ones

To reload inputs from the CLI/api
splunk _internal call /data/inputs/monitor/_reload -auth admin:changeme

but not all inputs stanza have an endpoint, you may have to try.

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That works really well, thanks!

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