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Can you help me with my monitoring Windows servers query?

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I want to monitor Windows Servers — more specifically, application/security/system logs. Once I install the Universal Forwarder on the servers, can I just create a deployment app and put this in the inputs.conf file?

Windows platform specific input processor.

disabled = 0
index = win_servers
disabled = 0
index = win_servers
disabled = 0
index = win_servers

disabled = false
sourcetype = dns

disabled = false
sourcetype = dns

We inherited a Splunk installation and there are several Splunk apps installed, everything is going to the "main" index, and I see a bunch of different sourcetypes defined :

XmlWinEventLog:Security (why would I use this over WinEventLog:Security?)

I also noticed that the Splunk_TA_microsoft_ad created the windows,wineventlog, and winevents on the indexer. Are those even needed? Thanks.

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