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Can we Split the results based on the users and email them ?



I am trying to find the custom script which emails the conents of the search results specific to the users. I have a huge result for my search , in that result they are n of user's with their email ids , so i need the data that belongs to the user in a email.

Can any one help in customizing the script to do this pls ?

my sample output data is something like this :

IssueTracked IssueResovled NetworkGroup EmailsInGroup
30 20 A,
50 30 A,
70 20 B,
71 50 C

Now in the above output , i want the NetworkGroup Data say "A" , should be emailed to those user email ids only i.e, and so on for Other groups as well.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Without writing the actual code, I'll answer in terms of methodology.

Whatever program you use to parse the results, you need it to read each line into an array such that you have:
ARRAY[0] = contents of IssueTracked for that line
ARRAY[1] = contents of IssueResolved for that line
ARRAY[2] = contents of NetworkGroup for that line
ARRAY[3] = contents of EmailsInGroup for that line

Then you iterate through your array of arrays (or line by line as input comes in) to email all users in ARRAY[3] with the body contents the headers and values from ARRAY[0], ARRAY[1], and ARRAY[2].

It shouldn't be that much work in all. You could do it in nearly any language, too.


Thanks jtrucks..I had the idea of arrays..but couldn't start of like while streaming the searchresults in the search Window how can we group them into arrays?..can u give me initial steps pls

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