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Can't find "local event logs" option in splunk


Hey, I installed splunk enterprise free trial on ubuntu server and this is the first time I am using splunk so I am following a video. I am having trouble locating "local event logs" option while adding data to splunk from a universal forwarder in windows server. I want to capture event logs from windows server to see in splunk. Please help me out as soon as possible.

Thank you.Screenshot 2024-04-23 025803.png

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- I've encountered the same issue before.
- You can resolve it by following these steps:
- Navigate to "Settings"
- Click on "Data Inputs" Within "Data Inputs," you'll find two sections:
- "Local inputs"
- "Forwarded inputs"
- Choose "Forwarded Inputs"
- Select "Windows Event Logs"

- To add a new configuration, click on the "+ Add new" option next to "Windows Event Logs".
- If you don't see any "Available hosts" at the first "Select Forwarders" stage, try refreshing the page 5-6 times or go back and try adding new again.
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Hi @obuobu ,

let me understand:

  • you have a Splunk Enterprise installed on Ubusntu,
  • then you have Splunk Universal Forwarder installed on a windows machine,
  • you want to see the logs from the Windows machine in Splunk,
  • is it correct?

At first did you configured your Splunk Enterprise Server to receive logs [Settings > Forwardering and Receiving > Receiving]?

Then, did you configured your UF (that I suppose it's installed) to send logs to the Splunk Enterprise Server?

Then did you configured the local inputs locally or using a Deployment Server?

for more infos see the ingestion process at



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