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Can splunk running on unix index windows machines?

I recently set up a linux server to collect my firewall log. I then setup splunk to index the log. It seems that I cannot index the windows machine from the splunk instance running on my linux server.

Is it necessary to forward from the linux splunk to the windows splunk?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

A Splunk indexer on any platform can index Windows logs. Your best bet is to install a Lightweight Forwarder on the Windows host to forward logs to your Linux-based indexer. You might want to install and configure the Windows app on the Windows forwarder, as well as the Linux indexer, to leverage the canned dashboards/reports.

You could also forward the Linux logs to a Windows indexer, or if you have two indexers installed, configure them for distributed search.

Here is a reference to the reverse -- using Windows to collect *NIX data: