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Can i tell splunk not to index the first X lines of a file?

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Splunk Employee

I have a logfile that has headers in the first two lines of the file. Imagine something like the output of UNIX' "top" command.

FIELD1          FIELD2              FIELD3
------          ---------------     -----------

(auto header extraction won't work well because there "can" be spaces in the info in each field, so i'm manually doing the extractions). I'd just like to not index the first 2 lines of every file.

I could write a nullQueue regex that looks for the text on line 1 and line 2. But just checking to see if there's a setting i don't know about


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You might be able to abuse a sedcmd to throw them away, or a heavily tweaked LINE_BREAKER.

It might be best to just collect that stuff into an event apart from your real events and transform it into the nullQueue.