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Can a sourcetype be applied on the server, or does it need to be applied in the forwarder?


I am trying to set up a universal forwarder with an inputs.conf which only contains something like this:


And then have the splunk server apply different sourcetype values to specific logs within that directory with a rule in props.conf like this:

sourcetype = my_sourcetype

However, that does not seem to work. Does the sourcetype need to be defined in inputs.conf on the forwarder machine? Is the syntax of my props.conf correct?

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you should put it in inputs.conf, like

host = your_host_name
sourcetype = your_sourcetype_name
source = your_source_name
index = your_index_name


or you can reassign sourcetype by data routing in props.conf and transforms.conf like

in props.conf
[your sourcetype name]
TRANSFORMS-XXXSourcetyping = XXXSourcetyping

in transforms.conf
DEST_KEY = MetaData:Sourcetype
FORMAT = sourcetype::your_sourcetype_name