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Can a Splunk forwarder send data to Apache Kafka and then to our Splunk cluster? Bonus: Are heavy forwarders deprecated?



Due to architecture reasons I need to use Apache Kafka as a message broker between Splunk Forwarders and Splunk cluster.

So, the data flow would be something like:

Splunk Forwarder ----(SSL)---> Kafka Topic ----(SSL)---> Splunk Indexers

So my questions would be:

  1. Can Splunk forwarder send data directly to Kafka topic? I see the same question in 2015, we are in 2017. The answer was NO. Is it the same answer today?

  2. I see that Indexers can read from Kafka using modular inputs or add-ons so, this point shouldn't be a problem.

  3. Can Splunk send data to Kafka topic? (in order for instance to send alerts to other platforms) I see the answer is no, is it correct in 2017:

Both links above suggest use Heavy Forwarders. Are Heavy Forwarders deprecated? I have heard that. Is it recommended to use them to provide a solution for this?


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi, Although this data is not cooked (it does not contained timestamp, host, etc ..) you can send data to third party:
From there send it to Kafka.

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I hear that people skip altogether the forwarders and use Kafka instead ... anybody has more insight into it?

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