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Can Splunk ingest video files?

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I had a random question from a Splunk user, can Splunk ingest video files (mp4, avi, quicktime, etc.)? I'm not sure what you could extract from the file (GPS coordinates?), or if splunk could pull up a video from the ui (maybe ITSI?), but I told him i'd look into it. Anyone know the answer?

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I have done this before using the Protocol Data Inputs App :

But you will need to create your own custom handler to pre process the raw video data and transform it into textual meta data for indexing in Splunk.


The URL you provided, is not opening, can you please repost the same?

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I found the cause, your URL redirects to something https://www.baboonbones.comblog/get-binary-data-splunk/, which is not a valid, So i added '/' after the .com and before the blog. and here I found it.

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