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Can Splunk do File Integrity Monitoring on its own in 2017?


I'm not being able to find consice information, since every post just links to this DEPRECATED feature:

I want to be able to log (and then alert) if a change is noticed in a file (usually implemented via scheduled hash checks, but it doesn't matter). Is that possible, or not any more and I would need to pay for other services for that feature?

The other doc that gets usually linked is this:
but the instructions make it seem like I can't use a Universal Forwarder and I must have another full fledged installation of splunk enterprise?
also the instructions have a crucial step where they link to a Microsoft Doc, but that link is completely dead, so it's missing instructions.

Can someone please clarify all this mess for me? I would really appreciate it.


Hi, seems there's another way located at
to address the deprecated feature.
Cheers, Desmond.


I did a quick find, and noticed version 7.1.0 provides a way .. and you may have a look at
Hope this helps.
Cheers, Desmond.

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